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Downloads & Templates

Find HR downloads, templates, and more so you can skip the "trial & error" phase and go straight to customizing a solution to your company's needs. 

Lois Weinblatt is the Founder of True North Visionaries and visioning expert

Episode 3

Minimum Viable Vision Guide

Get the interactive worksheet that will help you create a vivid picture of what success looks like for your organization a year from now.

Listen to episode 3 with Lois Weinblatt: The step by step Process to Writing a Company Vision

More Effective Meetings

This free resource from Kate de Jong will help you wrangle one of most tiring parts of management: meetings. Learn how to become more efficient + effective with group time. 

Listen to episode 15 with Kate: More Effective Meetings

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Image of Kate De Jong wearing a bright red cardigan

Episode 15

Image by Irena Carpaccio

Awards Tracker

Workplace Awards Tracker

Get the free google worksheet that will help you compare, organize, and draft your application to win a best company award or get certified as a great place to work. 

Read the full guide: Compare and Apply for Workplace Awards

Free HR Downloads

Consider this your permission to steal. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use ours? They're made for customizing, too: Read the guide to understand how to use the template, then download it for free, make a copy, and have at it. Modify it to your liking and collaborate with your team to make it useful to your company.

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