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Employee onboarding checklist & template

In typical Want to Work There fashion, we've made a deep, detailed resource that you can copy for free and modify for use.

Onboarding checklist

Take it from us, literally! After thousands of new employee onboardings between the WTWT team, we're bringing our best insights together into an easily-accessible checklist template.

In the document, you'll get detailed resources, context and helpful suggestions for every single task you'll need to successfully – and warmly – onboard a new employee to your team.

New employee onboarding checklist

The download includes everything you need to complete the following steps.

Your checklist should cover all the logistical details:

  1. Timeline

  2. Task function

  3. Resource needs

For every phase of the onboarding:

  1. Preonboarding

  2. Day 1

  3. Week 1

  4. 1 month in

  5. 2 months in

  6. 3 months in

For each phase, address the logistical details of:

  1. Communications

  2. Operational logistics

  3. Enablement and evaluation

  4. Current state reflection (for reflecting on the new hire implementation successes)

How to use the onboarding checklist

1. Make a copy of this document and save it to your own drive

2. In the D column, audit your current onboarding for which items you do and don't already have, and those which you need more or less urgently.

3. For items deemed necessary to complete, assign the appropriate creators, collaborators, and valuable inputs in columns D - F.

3. Voila! You now have a tracker to help you project manage the creation of valuable new collateral to uplevel your company's new employee onboarding, informed by your program audit!

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