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Training for the Modern Manager

A new type of management training for

modern startups and scaleups.

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Well, hello there!

My name is Jill Felska and I'm the creator of Training for the Modern Manager. It's the exact program I wanted (but couldn't find) when I was the Director of People and Culture at a SaaS startup.

My guess is that you understand just how important management training is, but are running into some of the same barriers I did trying to implement it.

In my head, I envisioned the startup version of management training: a self-directed, reusable program that consisted of audio lessons, thoughtful exercises, helpful templates, and an internal facilitation plan for both cohort-style and 1-on-1 learning.

So I built it.

Training For the Modern Manager is an evergreen program that you purchase once, then use to onboard and train every manager in your organization.


Our approach to management training is likely different from other options you've explored. Which means you probably have quite a few questions...

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What time commitment is needed from participants? How is the curriculum delivered?

Client Feedback

Has anyone implemented the program at their company? What was their feedback?


What is covered in the training? Is the information more theory or practice focused?


How much does the program cost? Is it priced per participant or a flat fee?

Core Competencies

What core management competencies will participants strengthen during the training?


What additional questions do you have about the program? Find more answers here.



The 12-week, six module program is a combination of self-directed and peer-driven learning.

Each week, participants:

Studying at Home

1. Listen to the audio lesson(s)

Asynch Solo Activity | Average 20-30 minutes weekly
These short, engaging lessons are the program's foundational education.

A Woman Writing by the Window

2. Complete the assignment(s)

Async Solo Activity | Average 20-30 minutes weekly

Each assignment helps apply that week's content to their current role.

Virtual Meeting

3. Meet with their cohort or individual coach

Cohort or 1:1 Coach Session | 60 minutes weekly

Peer-learning helps reinforce concepts and strengthens team relationships.

How does the audio work?

All twenty original audio lessons are recorded and ready for your team to digest when and where it makes the most sense for them!


Lessons range in length from 5-25 minutes, with most coming in around 15 minutes.

Why audio versus video?

We strongly believe in the power of getting away from screens. Audio lessons allow your team to go for a walk or listen while folding laundry, instead of being tied to a laptop.


That said, we are all about accessibility and have included full transcripts for those who prefer to read.​

And the assignments?

Each activity complements that week's audio lesson and is available in their program workbook, either digitally or to print and fill out by hand if they prefer.

Many lessons also come with additional templates and resource guides that managers can hold onto and use with their teams.


Why? Because theory is great - but action is better.

We don't want managers to just learn these concepts, we want them to implement everything with their team in the real world!


After all, that's kind of the point - yes?

OK, but who leads the cohort or coaching sessions?

Someone in your organization! We've got a whole FAQ section on how to pick the right internal person for the job.

Each weekly session is pre-planned and fully documented. Anyone with facilitation or coaching experience (or a desire to gain some) can confidently lead these sessions by utilizing our step-by-step guides.

Cohort Facilitation: The first set of guides is built for groups of managers who are completing the program together as a cohort. These weekly sessions are led by a facilitator.

1:1 Coach Facilitation: The second set of guides are built for someone going through the program individually. These weekly sessions are hosted by a coach, likely someone whose already completed the program.

What if we don't have a facilitator?

For those in need, we do also offer program facilitation for an additional cost. While it's not required, we find that companies like to utilize this option to take their executive leadership team through the program.



Over six modules, participants will gain the information and resources needed to thrive in a modern management role.


A look at why your managers should even care about the training - and most importantly - what they'll get out of it.


Understanding human behavior is such a critical piece of management. Before you can understand others, you must understand yourself.


As a manager, you're responsible for your own microculture. Together, we'll explore how to get it right from the start.


Understanding how to maximize your employees potential is a key aspect of great management. We'll show you how to do just that.


Nothing is more crucial - or more terrifying to most - than giving feedback. We'll help take the fear out of having direct conversations.


A look back at the foundational skills and best practices you've learned along the way, along with a plan to keep learning and growing.



The program is grounded in Google ReWork's 10 Core Management Competencies.

A great manager:

  1. Is a good coach. 

  2. Empowers the team and does not micromanage.

  3. Creates an inclusive team environment, showing concern for others' success and well-being. 

  4. Is productive and results-oriented. 

  5. Is a good communicator – listens and shares information. 

  6. Supports career development and discusses performance. 

  7. Has a clear vision & strategy for the team. 

  8. Has key technical skills to help advise the team. 

  9. Collaborates across the organization. 

  10. Is a strong decision-maker. 



Here's what current clients have to say about their experience rolling out the program. 

Roxanne is a happy client of Want to Work There

As a manager and People Ops leader, I have not only enjoyed the content but have readily applied everything I've learned with my direct reports. The mixture of engaging podcast episodes, thoughtful exercises and opportunities to discuss our experiences with our cohort has been really invaluable.


It's a program I will refer to again and again as a manager. I highly recommend it to other teams wanting to build a strong foundation for their managers to learn from!

– Roxanne Janiczek, Director of People at



Unlike many programs that charge by participant,

Training for the Modern Manager has a flat, one-time cost.

Training for the Modern Manager  |  $15,000

The program is a one-time, all-in* investment of $15,000. No pricing per manager. Or hidden annual fees. One payment and you own the program forever.

The one-time, flat fee includes:

Participant Program Hub

  • 20 Audio Lessons and Full Transcriptions

  • 22 Individual Program Activities 

  • 18 Additional Resources for Ongoing Use (Question Lists, Frameworks, Templates)

  • Program Participation Agreement

  • Post-Program Resource Center 

Admin Program Hub

  • Program Implementation Guide

  • Role-Specific Program Guidance

  • Communication Templates

  • 12 Group Facilitation Guides

  • 12 Coaching (1:1) Facilitation Guides

*Notion subscription and individual Enneagram assessment costs are not included in this price.

Per Cohort Facilitation  |  $6,000

While the program is built for internal facilitation, we do offer professional facilitation to companies in need of some additional support. This offering is subject to availability.

Per cohort pricing, includes:

  • 12-Weeks of Full Program Facilitation for a single cohort of up-to 8 individuals

  • All cohort communication and calendar management, including program kickoff



Answers to some of the most common questions we get.

1 / How do participants access the program?

Training for the Modern Manager can be hosted in Notion or as a Google Site. Both  implementations take 5-minutes and just a few clicks. Yes, it's seriously that easy.

In both cases, the pre-built curriculum hubs make it simple to access Training for the Modern Manager – both from a participant and administrative perspective.

  • Participants access the core workspace that walks through week by week through the program lessons and activities.

  • Program facilitators have a separate space that takes them step-by-step through leading each week's cohort or coaching session. 

  • Both workspaces are fully customizable for your specific team and cultural needs.

Note: Notion or Google Site software costs are not included in the price of the program.

2 / Do we have to host the program in Notion or as a Google Site?

While we highly recommend hosting the program in one of the two platforms for ease of implementation, it's not required. Some clients choose to host the program in an existing LMS, which we've made easy via our step-by-step setup guide. If this is something you'd like to explore, we recommend booking a call to discuss the capability of our program with your internal system.

Get in Touch

Ask a question, request a free demo, or the get sample curriculum: 

Thank you! You'll hear from us soon.

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