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Friday Finds

The best stuff we can find, every Friday

Jill Felska speaks to the crowd at Creative Mornings in San Diego, CA
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Let's face it, the best recommendations are the ones you get from your best friend over lunch, or your mother in-law on a holiday, and always your most honest coworkers. We're gathering those super-valuable, hard-to-find resources and sharing them every Friday on LinkedIn.


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VC Job Boards

This one came to my attention a while back, when it was shared by Jim Conti.

It's a Google doc that has links to 66 different venture capital (VC) job boards. These boards showcase all the open jobs in their portfolio companies, so it's a great place to find many opportunities without the complete overwhelm of some other aggregates.

Find the document here:

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Amy Porterfield's Two Weeks Notice 

Today’s #FridayFind is a little different - a little more personal.

I’m currently on a road trip from Austin to Minneapolis with my dog, my cousin, and whatever else I could fit into my Honda Accord. I am headed back to the Midwest to spend the summer with my family - something I truly couldn’t be more excited about!

My cousin has always been intrigued by the idea of starting her own business. I recommended Amy Porterfield’s new book to her about a month ago, but with a toddler in the house, she hasn’t gotten to start it yet. So that’s exactly what we’re listening to on the drive.

It is bringing back SO many memories of reading Barbara Winter’s book, “Making a Living Without a Job” back when I was 23 and miserable in my first job out of college.

That book felt like a portal to a new reality. A roadmap to join a secret society that was playing by a different set of rules. It was a practical, actionable plan for quitting my job and starting a business. And that’s just what Jenn Korducki Krenn and I did.

Best decision I ever made.

Amy’s new book Two Weeks Notice is the modern version of Barbara’s story. It holds that same magic. If you’ve ever even considered starting your own business, I could not recommend it more.

P.S. My dog Theo also gives it two paws up!

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Remote Pay Strategy

Compensation is one of the hardest things to get right in an organization. The rise of hybrid and remote work has only further complicated it.

Pilot just released the most comprehensive and interactive guide to choosing a remote pay strategy that I've ever seen. And (even better) it's not behind a paywall or download.

Find it here:

Bonus: It features advice from Ali Greene who I'll be recording a podcast episode with in a few weeks!

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Feely Human Collective

This week's #FridayFind is for my fellow big hearted, feely humans. Those of us with sensitive souls who feel ALL THE THINGS deeply and profoundly.

If that's you, may I introduce the Feely Human Collective.

Since I can remember, I've been a very highly empathetic and sensitive human. I'm VERY in touch with emotions and energy, which is both an incredible gift and (sometimes) ridiculously overwhelming. It's something I'm constantly learning to navigate which is why finding others who really get it is nothing short of joyful.

Enter Nōn Wels.

We met through an online community, when he responded to my call for an accountability buddy. From the first time we got on a call, it was clear that this connection was going to be SO much more than that.

Anyone whose encountered Nōn knows just how incredible his big, feely heart is. His vulnerability and ability to hold space for big feelings and hard conversations is unparalleled in my experience.

When I found out Non was launching a community for feely humans I could not sign up fast enough. What has emerged is a community of thoughtful, caring, weird, amazing humans who are carving out a little corner of the internet for care and community.

Sign up here

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