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Friday Finds

The best stuff we can find, every Friday

Jill Felska speaks to the crowd at Creative Mornings in San Diego, CA


VC Job Boards

This one came to my attention a while back, when it was shared by Jim Conti.

It's a Google doc that has links to 66 different venture capital (VC) job boards. These boards showcase all the open jobs in their portfolio companies, so it's a great place to find many opportunities without the complete overwhelm of some other aggregates.

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Amy Porterfield's Two Weeks Notice 

Today’s #FridayFind is a little different - a little more personal.

I’m currently on a road trip from Austin to Minneapolis with my dog, my cousin, and whatever else I could fit into my Honda Accord. I am headed back to the Midwest to spend the summer with my family - something I truly couldn’t be more excited about - and we're listening to audiobooks the whole way. 

Amy’s new book Two Weeks Notice holds some kind of magic. If you’ve ever even considered starting your own business, I could not recommend it more.

P.S. My dog Theo also gives it two paws up!

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Remote Pay Strategy

Compensation is one of the hardest things to get right in an organization. The rise of hybrid and remote work has only further complicated it.

Pilot just released the most comprehensive and interactive guide to choosing a remote pay strategy that I've ever seen. And (even better) it's not behind a paywall or download.

Bonus: It features advice from Ali Greene who I'll be recording a podcast episode with in a few weeks!

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Feely Human Collective

This week's #FridayFind is for my fellow big hearted, feely humans. Those of us with sensitive souls who feel ALL THE THINGS deeply and profoundly.

If that's you, may I introduce the Feely Human Collective from Nōn Wels.

When I found out Non was launching a community for feely humans I could not sign up fast enough. What has emerged is a community of thoughtful, caring, weird, amazing humans who are carving out a little corner of the internet for care and community.

Sign up here

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Let's face it, the best recommendations are the ones you get from your best friend over lunch, or that random slack group, and always your most honest coworkers.


We're gathering those super-valuable, hard-to-find resources and sharing them every Friday.


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More Things We Love

There's a (free) policy template for that: 

Our (hopefully soon-to-be) friends at OpenOrg recently released an incredible workplace policy library

A little More Self-Awareness

A large part of EQ is self-awareness. It’s something we must all continue to build throughout our life, which is why I am so excited to take this Positive Intelligence assessment around the ways we self-sabotage. Something we all could use more insight into!

Self-Assess Your Burnout Level

Take Erin’s free burnout assessment. If you’re even the least bit curious about burnout and how it manifests, this is worth your time.

Learn More About Burnout

Knowledge is power, and Erin has some of the best burnout content on the web. Whether you want to better understand burnout, explore its three stages, learn about preventative measures, or more, the Wholeness at Work site has you covered.


Like Tarot, But For Burnout

As much as I love pulling a good tarot card (and boy do I), there is an undeniable joy to pulling from a topic specific self-care deck. Erin’s Enneagram x Burnout card deck is just that, offering personal burnout prevention and recovery tips by Enneagram type.


Mental Health First Aid Training

LinkedIn first brought this incredible resource to my attention and I had to know more! If you’re also curious, my podcast conversation with Jamy Conrad is not to be missed.


Weighted Blankets: Instant Stress Relief

You know how some people live for that first sip of coffee? I live for the first few minutes after I settle in under my weighted blanket. There's truly nothing like it. I splurged for this fancy one, but there are so many great, affordable options to consider!

Need a Change of View?

Shuffle through WindowSwap until you land on the perfect escape - all without leaving your desk!

Remote Does Work

I had the coolest conversation with co-authors Ali Greene and Tam Sanderson. Their book Remote Works is jam-packed with the know-how you need to create a connective, trusting remote work environment. I truly can't hype this book up enough! 

More A-Z on Gen Z

Melanie and the Shaka team collated findings from their extended study on Gen Z in a beautiful, big (41 pages, people…) research ebook that goes way deep.

Inclusive Mental Health Resources

LGBTQIA+ folks are 2.5x more likely to face mental health challenges. This Pride month, check out Mindshare Partners’ centralized resources (advocacy organizations, reading lists for employers, resources for ERGs, and more…) to help you build your mental health strategy more inclusively.

Get it Together

No HR professional is an island. If you’re in the workplace improvement trenches, you know how much you need a trustworthy community to learn from and lean on. Lucky for you, I’ve got a roundup of my favorite free-to-join HR Communities. A bonus shoutout to Safe Safe, a new paid community that has already been worth the investment I made to join.


Culture Map

Global complexity, simplified. Working with or leading an international team? Erin Meyer’s book The Culture Map helps untangle how the diversity of cultural norms and communications expectations can complicate the day-to-day, with tips and tools to keep things smooth.


Reflect to Repair

It’s always a good time to reflect on how we can minimize the harm we inflict. CultureAmp’s guide to recognizing microaggressions is a great tool to identify, own, and repair unintended harms we may have committed.


Avoid the shame game

It’s incredibly easy for shame to sneak in when we’re reflecting on things that didn’t go as planned. If reflection sends you into a shame spiral, this article from HBR is a must-read.

On the daily

Fellow planner junkie? The Panda Planner Pro uses regular daily, weekly, and monthly reflection to shape your regular task and to-do planning, so you’re always implementing new learnings.

A new way to reflect

Looking for a more inclusive way to gather information from your team? Tune into episode 6 of the Want To Work There podcast where I outline a process guaranteed to increase psychological safety.

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