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What REALLY Makes a Company a Great Place to Work?

Welcome to the very first episode of the Want To Work There podcast! This has been a five year dream in the making and I can't believe it's actually here.

In this first episode, I’ll be talking about what REALLY makes a company a great place to work - and it’s probably not what you think! You’ll get to know me (your host) Jill Felska and why I am so passionate about helping more companies become great places to work.

I’ll also walk you through an exercise that will help you document what your ideal work culture looks like, how close you are to achieving it, what questions you need to ask in order to either sustain or move closer to your vision.

You can find a downloadable version of the activity here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I’m starting this podcast and am qualified to help you navigate the choppy waters of building better workplaces.

  • What you really need to be focused on when it comes to building an incredible company culture that makes top employees say, “I want to work there.”

  • The correlation between marriage and great workplace culture - and why it’s a positive one.

  • The one question you need to ask yourself now if you’re passionate about building great places to work.

  • Why it’s important to break this work into smaller projects and activities.

  • All about the project I’m launching in tandem with this podcast!

  • Who will most benefit from tuning in each episode.

  • And what you can expect from future episodes!

Did you love the episode?

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