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People Management

Everything you need to know about developing managers, setting expectations, leadership, and more. 

Four Ways to Support Your Managers

Building a competent, high-performing, and empathetic management team requires effort.


I built the Training for the Modern Manager so teams can clearly and efficiently get aligned on what it means to be a great manager; plus the practical ways to apply those skills in their role.

Here are four ways to support your managers, so they can support their teams.

1 / Determine Competencies ⚔️

Google's ReWork research team set out to find out, "what should good managers do?" and uncovered 10 core competencies.


Better yet? They actually encourage you to "steal" them for use in your company.

What does it look like to "be a great manager?"

2 / Define Expectations 🏗️

What task-based expectations are your people managers responsible for? Do they know?


Whether it varies across levels or is consistent across the org, a manager's success relies on knowing exactly what the expectations are. 

Learn how to set manager expectations.

3 / Designate Time ⏰

Great management takes time. We recommend designating 10% of a manager's time per direct report. Do they have 8 direct reports? Then 80% of their time should be designated to managing.


Can't swing 10% right away? Start with 5%.

4 / Deliver Training 💪

You've set expectations. Now it's your responsibility to ensure your managers are set up for success through education. Whether done in-house or through a partner; provide engaging, consistent training that lets managers know you have their back.

Check out our affordable management training program.

Develop Great Managers

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