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Some people have said some nice things about us, and we've been lucky to be able to share our principles and insights with as many people as we can. We're here to help create happier employees and happier humans, after all.


We're humbled that you want to hear our story. 

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Jill Felska has been featured in Business Insider as a Rising HR Star
Jill Felska has spoken to an audience of 500+ for Creative Mornings San Diego

In The Media

Business insider cover photo of HR superstars 2020

Rising Stars in HR: Jill Felska

I was grateful to be featured as an HR Innovator by Business Insider in 2020. Unfortunately, this article is behind a paywall.

The inspiring Jill Felska by Grant Legan Photography

Conversations with the inspiring Jill Felska

SDVoyager features stories of cool people doing cool things around San Diego. So you can bet I was pumped to be invited to share my insights on how I got started doing what I do, plus the one question that can make you $10,000. Image by Grant Legan Photography.

Jill Felska speaks at Creative Mornings in San Diego

The Honest Future of Work

"And last, but certainly not least, I strongly believe that life is absolutely way too short to do work you hate… and that’s the one I’m going to focus on today."

Watch The Future of Work


Image by Mimi Thian

Navigating the adjustment to working from home

For Thrive Global, I dive into how companies can support their teams during the pandemic-era rush to work from home. 

Image by Thought Catalog

Leaders share their best advice for creating inclusive cultures

In August 2020, Business Insider featured my advice on how companies can build an inclusive company culture with pandemic wfh restrictions extended. Unfortunately, this article is behind a paywall.

Image by Kato Blackmore 🇺🇦

Strategies for workplace wellness

I sat down with Anne Richardson of the BSuite podcast to talk about how powerful it can be when we show up to work with our unique strengths; and the power of getting to know our teams. 
PLUS: The joy that both Jill and Anne find in being dog mom’s to their respective pups, Theo and Saco 🐕🐕

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