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The way we work is changing.

And we are determined to help change it for the better.

Want to Work There is built by culture experts, for people pros. We're taking decades of cumulative knowledge and sharing it with you so that you can be equipped with the insider knowledge you need to create a workplace culture all employees deserve.

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Jill Felska has pink hair now! Or is it purple? Find out here.

Real change takes moxie.

We believe in workplace transparency and breaking free from the way "things have always been done".

We believe that everyone deserves to be respected, heard, and engaged at work. 

We believe that one business acting alone can't change our societal beliefs about work, but that together we can create a new normal. 

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Jill Felska | Founder

Jill is on a mission to help create a happier, more engaged workforce. Over the last decade, she’s been on the founding team of multiple companies, each focused on new ways to improve the employee experience.


Jill specializes in helping startups and small businesses predict and navigate the hurdles and roadblocks that most encounter as their team grows. 


When she's not working, Jill can be found curled up with a book or hosting a dinner party for friends. She also frequently gives talks on employee experience, the changing workforce, and creating intentional company culture.

Jill Felska is an absolute expert in the field of human resources, people operations, and company culture.
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