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Free HR Communities To Connect With Your People Peers

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

With the rise of subject-matter chat rooms like Discord and Slack, the pivot of LinkedIn from a professional network to a social network, and member-based communities popping up everywhere, there are more ways to connect with mentors than ever.

What's tough, is finding the right place to invest your time, so that you can add and receive value that helps you with your day job.

Eight free HR peer groups that are worth your time

1. HR Superstars by 15Five HR Superstars is a private members community hosted on Mighty Networks. 15Five's software allows managers to set and track goals, provide feedback, and hold regular check-ins with their team members. The goal of 15Five is to create a more transparent and collaborative workplace culture that promotes continuous learning and development. Visit HR Superstars by 15Five

2. CultureSpace CultureSpace is a free digital community by CultureCon. This platform provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about culture. Here, you can network with other Culture Geeks, ask questions, share your knowledge, and learn from some of the best experts in the field of organizational culture. Check out CultureSpace

3. Make Work Better Slack group by Betterworks The Make Work Better Slack community is a free space for people leaders, managers, and employees to rethink the way we work. This community provides a judgment-free space where individuals can come together and share ideas on how to improve their work experience. With a focus on human-centered work practices, this community offers a unique opportunity for pros to learn from each other and collaborate on innovative solutions to common workplace challenges. Join the Make Work Better Slack community

4. Remote People Ops Slack group This free Slack group aims to aid People Ops professionals in workplaces considering or providing remote work to their staff, by sharing resources and providing support. Check out Remote People Ops

5. People Geeks Slack group by CultureAmp Join the conversation with the People Geek Slack community, where diverse individuals and skilled thought leaders from around the world come together to share experiences and learn from each other. Join People Geeks

6. Resources for Humans Slack group by Lattice Resources for Humans has an incredible 19,000+ HR pros in the community, and was created by Lattice specifically for People Ops professionals. It provides a safe space for HR professionals to exchange knowledge and experiences with others. The community features community discussions in the RfH Magazine, networking events, and a job board dedicated to HR/People Ops jobs shared by RfH members. Join Resources for Humans

7. POPs United Slack group by LifeLabs Learning Over 5,000 belong to this free Slack group that has a screening process to join. This platform offers a space to share best practices, network with peers, seek advice, collaborate, share resources, and support one another. The platform's team reviews applications weekly, and upon approval, you'll receive an invitation to join in the fun. See what POPs' about

8. HR Advisory HR professionals who are eager to grow and develop can find a valuable resource in HR Advisory, a free online community. This community offers a range of benefits to its members, including networking opportunities, career development resources, and discussions on relevant topics. As a fast-growing free HR community, HR Advisory is committed to helping its members succeed and make a difference in their field. By joining this community, HR professionals can connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about their work and eager to provide support and assistance. Members can access a variety of resources, share knowledge, and connect with leading experts in the HR field. Head to HR Advisory

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