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SignalFire's Remote hiring guide for startups

Today's #FridayFind is a major shoutout to the INCREDIBLE free resource Heather Doshay and Josh Constine created for companies who want to build a fully remote team:

It is BY FAR the most comprehensive, actionable resource I've found on this topic to date. Two thumbs way, way up.

What really caught my eye though was a section towards the very top: "What’s right for you: remote, hybrid, or IRL?"

What follows is a list of SMART questions and considerations that will help you navigate that decision with confidence. If you're struggling with this conversation, you want this list.

It also covers:

  • Key aspects of remote hiring and etiquette.

  • The significance of understanding your specific needs and crafting enticing job postings that grab candidates' attention.

  • How to keep clear and effective communication channels throughout the hiring process, ensuring that candidates feel supported and connected.

  • Conducting thorough interviews to evaluate candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit.

  • An overview of online tools and platforms to streamline the hiring journey and create a smooth onboarding experience for remote hires.

Ultimately, the guide empathetically underscores the importance of ongoing communication and support to cultivate a thriving remote work environment, and I highly recommend you read it even if you think you have all your bases covered.

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