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My CreativeMorning's Talk on The Honest Future of Work

Sometimes things just fall into place.

Giving October's CreativeMornings San Diego talk was definitely one of those moments.

While speakers are usually picked months in advance, I was so drawn to the group's October theme of honesty that I reached out to my friend Nate letting him know I'd love to speak, if he needed someone.

I knew it was a long shot, but in the words of my dear friend Rachel, "You don't get what you don't ask for."

And boy am I glad I asked.

A few weeks after sending the original email, Nate reached out to see if I'd still be willing to speak. His original speaker had to drop out and he was looking for someone to take the spot. I think you can guess what I responded.

Fast forward ten days and I was up on stage in front of a crowd of 400+ people. Well, at least it felt like 400+ people...who knows how many really showed up!

While my heart was pounding before I hit the stage, the second I got going I felt right at home in front of the crowd. I'm not sure if it was watching my dad preach for all those years, the many Saturdays I spent at speech meets during high school, or some natural storytelling ability that was gifted to me at birth, but there are few things I love more than giving a talk on something I really believe in.

Luckily, the whole thing was captured on film (thanks, CreativeMornings!) and it's now live on the site, so I can share it with you all today!

I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed giving it!

To happier employees,



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