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The Case For Planting Culture Seeds

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Last month I had the chance to sit down with Scot Chisholm, an old friend and the founder of Classy. Here in San Diego, Classy is the go-to career destination for talented millennials looking to make an impact at a forward-thinking tech company.

While we discussed everything from core values to leadership lessons, it was Scot's thoughtful response on building an intentional culture that really stuck with me.

He shared: "Culture is sort of a living organism. It's like a plant. You seed things and they become something else that you couldn't imagine, but you can't really go backwards." – Scot Chisholm

"Culture is sort of like a living organism. It’s like a plant. You seed things and they become something else that you couldn’t imagine, but you can’t go backwards really."

I'd never heard culture described as a plant before, but boy is it spot on.

A plant is never done growing.

It needs consistent nurturing to remain healthy and strong.

You don't grow one variety by planting the seeds of another.

And what you see above the soil is really a result of what's happening below the surface.

Mind. Blown.

So what exactly were these mythical seeds that Scot was referring to? They were the company's ideology - or core values. While they were always present through early behaviors and decisions, Scot shared that if he was starting the business again he would define and document them way earlier. In his experience, they've truly been a unifier and motivator for his entire team.

What cultural seeds are you planting at your company?

I would love for you to share your company's core values in the comments.

Still figuring those out? Our Core Values Development Workshop is designed to help growing companies uncover and define them in one half-day session. Contact us today.

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