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How To Get Your Company Values Off the Walls and Into the (Virtual) Halls with Amber Gray

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There are few things I love diving into more than how companies can operationalize their core values. In other words, how organizations can get their values “off the walls and into the halls.” Today’s guest, Amber Gray, has successfully done just that as the founder and CEO of Trusty Oak, a US-based virtual assistant agency. She shares the practical ways she’s applied her values to everyday behaviors, along with some great advice for founders looking to build trust within their organization.

Listen in to learn:

  • What inspired Amber to quit her job and do things differently when starting her business.

  • How and why Amber established her first set of company core values.

  • How to use your values as a filter for decision making.

  • The difference between actual and aspirational core values.

  • The question you should ask your team quarterly to ensure your values are being lived.

  • How core values can be leveraged to make better hires.

  • The danger of weaponized core values and how to avoid it.




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