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Navigating Brave Conversations With Your Boss: A Real-Life Case Study

Shira Grife and her boss Sara Rodell join us on the podcast to rehash an actual conversation they had, each reflecting on their thoughts and perspectives in the moment.

Why would we do that? Because it’s as real as it gets.

No theory here, just an actual step-by-step breakdown of Shira deciding to (in her words) “say things I shouldn’t say to my boss” and how Sara reacted in real time.

It’s a master class in empathetic management, packed with actionable advice along the way.

P.S. Stay tuned after the closing credits for an extra (conversational) treat.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What motivated Shira to start a brave conversation with her boss.

  • How to, as a people manager, create space for brave conversations.

  • Why “what’s best for the company” shouldn’t be your only north star.

  • Tactical ways to support unengaged or burned out employees.

  • What to consider before embarking on a brave conversation with your boss.

Connect with our guest:

Shira Grife had an honest conversation with her boss and it went very well. Here's why. Shira is in this photo in a black top with long brown hair, smiling at the camera.
Shira Grife

Sara Rodell is the Founder of Loop & Tie, and is wearing a black shirt and skirt sitting on a couch smiling at the camera.
Sara Rodell, Founder, Loop & Tie

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