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Learn about Cultural Transformation Tools at Barrett Values Center

Culture is the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape an organization's identity. The culture of an organization can significantly impact its success, and it is crucial to measure and manage it positively.

The Cultural Transformation Tools by Barrett Values Centre is a comprehensive system that measures and evaluates an organization's cultural values and identifies areas of improvement.

What is Barrett Values Centre?

Barrett Values Centre is a consultancy firm that provides tools and services to help organizations measure and improve their culture. They offer a range of services, including cultural assessments, leadership development, and coaching. The firm's founder, Richard Barrett, has spent over 30 years researching and developing tools to measure and improve organizational culture.

The Barrett Model

All of the Cultural Transformation Tools are based on the Barrett Model, which explains that there are seven levels "of consciousness" or areas that make up human motivation. It's inspired by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and creates a comprehensive map of the values of your employees, leaders, and stakeholders.

Barrett Value Centre's Barrett Model of Seven Levels of Consciousness
Source: Barrett Values Center

The Cultural Transformation Tools are geared toward four main groups:

  • Organizations

  • Leaders

  • Individuals

  • Schools

The main cultural assessment products are:

  • Cultural Values Assessment

  • Leadership Values Assessment

  • Individual Values Assessment

Cultural Values Assessment

The Cultural Values Assessment is a comprehensive survey that is completed by employees at all levels of the organization and measures the organization's values across seven levels of consciousness. The assessment provides a detailed report, top 20 values, and insights for you to recognize patterns and create action steps.

Length: 10 minutes

Cost: Pricing is based on the number of survey participants and the types of reports requested

Leadership Values Assessment

The Leadership Values Assessment is a tool that measures the values of the organization's leaders. The assessment is completed by the organization's leadership team and provides a report that identifies the alignment between the organization's values and the leaders' values. The assessment identifies areas for improvement and helps to develop leadership skills.

Length: 3 hours

Cost: Not Shown Learn more about the LVA

Individual Values Survey

The Individual Values Assessment is a short survey that reveals what's truly important to you in your life and what changes you can make to find personal fulfillment in your role. Learn more about the IVA

Length: 20 minutes

Cost: Not Shown

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