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This Book Will Be Your Work Revolution Roadmap, Whether You're the CEO or a Junior Team Member

If there's been one constant throughout my life, it's reading. Since I can remember, I've been obsessed with books of all kinds. As a kid, I was the one curled up in my room with a Phillip Pullman novel while my brother covered every inch of the neighborhood on his bike. In college, I still found plenty of time to read for fun - which everyone thought was crazy, given how much reading we already had to do for class. Throughout my career, I've turned to dozens of different books for inspiration, advice, and escape.

Heck, I even color code my bookshelf.

Yup. She's a beauty. But I digress...

Given this obsession with reading, it makes complete sense that I've devoured quite a few books pertaining to company culture, employee experience and all things business. Any day of the week you can catch me saying "have you read...." in response to someone's current problem at work. I like to think of it as a book prescription to cure what ails you!

A few weeks back a friend suggested I start sharing these book prescriptions on the blog, which is exactly what I'll be doing from time to time moving forward. I'll plan to address one specific work problem and the book I most recommend reading to sooth it.

Today's ache?

Feeling trapped by your 9-5 culture, but also not wanting to quit your job.

We've all been there.

Maybe you love the work you do, but your rigid schedule doesn't allow the ability to pick up your kids from work. Or maybe your culture has bred a world of busy work and meetings, leaving you little to no time to do impactful work that will move the needle.

The question is, how the heck can you change the behaviors of an entire team or company? That's where Julie Clow comes in.

Her book The Work Revolution is a game changer and hands down one of my favorite books on organizational change, because she tackles the subject in a very accessible way.

Yes, Clow has a PhD and definitely knows her stuff, but what's most compelling is her ability to identify common problems in the workplace and then break solutions into small action steps that can be taken by anyone in the organization, whether that's the CEO or a junior account.

"Even if you can't knock down the inflexible pillars of organizational bureaucracy, you can stake tiny little tents of initiative and plant grassroots ideas throughout the organization," shares Clow.

I passionately agree with this sentiment. You do not have to be the CEO or even a manager within the company to help impact change.

If you're interested in sparking the work revolution at your company, this book is the roadmap you need.

I can't wait to hear what you think - and more importantly what change you initiate within your organization!

To Happier Employees,



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