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Are you ready to build an exceptional employee experience that will help you attract, engage, and retain top talent? 

We’re looking for three small to medium-sized companies to participate in a six-month pilot program focused on helping you attract, engage, and retain exceptional talent. 

You've spent time thinking about your customer experience, but have you ever mapped out your employee experience from start to finish? 

Mapping this journey - from the time a candidate learns about your company all the way through through their professional development  - gives you clear insight on what's working and where there's room for improvement. 

It will help you think strategically about exactly what can be done to attract, engage, and retain the talent that drives your company success.

We're excited to take three innovative companies through this process, helping them design the intentional company culture that's best for them.

Employees take the Want to Work there exercises to help map out and improve employee experience. Explore these services here.

Month One:
Data Collection

Pilot Program Kickoff Meeting

Company-Wide Employee Survey & Discovery Interviews

Data Analysis & Current State of Engagement Presentation

Month Two:
Talent Attraction + Hiring

Discovery Interviews + Mapping

Employee Experience Improvement 

Workshop - Hiring

Customized Recommendations

and Tailored Action Plan

Month Three:

Discovery Interviews + Mapping

Employee Experience Improvement Workshop - Onboarding

Customized Recommendations 

and Tailored Action Plan

Month Four:
Team Dynamics

Discovery Interviews + Mapping

Employee Experience Improvement 

Workshop - Team Dynamics

Customized Recommendations

and Tailored Action Plan

Month Five:
Growth & Development

Discovery Interviews + Mapping

Employee Experience Improvement Workshop - Growth & Development

Customized Recommendations

and Tailored Action Plan

Month Six:
Big Picture Strategy

Final Comprehensive Workshop

Full Cycle 2019 Employee

Experience Map Complete 

Company-Wide Employee Survey

& Comparative Insights

Ready to apply?

More questions?


What will the 6-month pilot program entail? 

The pilot program will guide three companies through the examination and reinvention of their employee experience, specifically shedding light on the following four stages: 

Talent Attraction and Hiring | On-Boarding | Team Dynamics | Growth and Development

Great! But what does that look like tactically?

The program is focused on employee experience design, the act of mapping how your employees experience their time at the company from start to finish. Both the process itself and the completed experience map allows you to reflect on what's working and where there are areas of opportunity.

Our program is strategically built to help you compile this information while being minimally invasive to your employee's normal schedules and tasks. Each month, our team will help you collect and map the data, reflect on the big picture, and decide what areas you'd like to focus on changing. We then provide tailored recommendations on implementing these changes in a way that will maximize adoption across the company. You can find the full month by month breakdown above.

Does it cost money to participate in the pilot?

Yes, the program costs $3,000 a month, which includes all employee interviews and focus groups, mapping workshops, data analysis, and curated recommendations. Retaining even one employee covers the investment - and we're confident it will pay for itself many times over!


The only cost not included in the base price is our partner's employee survey software, which will be used to track employee sentiment through the program. We've structured it this way so you can choose the solution that's best for you, as they vary greatly in features and price. They range 

from affordable month-to-month options to more feature-rich annual options


There is no cost or obligation associated with taking the application survey.

Why six months? That seems like a long time...

We've learned that real change takes time, which is why our program is spread out over the course of months, instead of weeks. Our team will be spending 5-8 hours on-site with you every month, and another 10-15 hours working on items behind the scenes. Every activity is spread out to ensure maximum participation and adoption across the organization.

When will the program start?

We will work with each individual company to determine the best start date for your team.

Who should be filling out the application survey?

The form will be easiest to complete by someone in leadership at the company, especially a founder or HR professional. That said, anyone with interest is allowed to complete the survey.

Are there any other qualifications for participating?

Ideally, we're looking to work with small to mid-sized companies, with anywhere from 50 to 500 employees. That said, we're willing to consider highly interested organizations who fall outside those parameters.

I still have more questions. How can I get them answered?

We would love to answer any additional questions you have about the program! You can either email them to or schedule a call here:

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