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Mental Health First Aid training with Jamy Conrad

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Do you know what role you play in supporting someone’s mental health in the workplace?

I know I have thought about this many times before.

What’s crossing a line?

What if I’m not doing enough?

Is it even my place to breach this subject with one of my direct reports?

Mental health conversations are already tricky for many and only become more sensitive in a work environment. That said, we can’t afford to ignore them. Burnout leads to much more than loss of productivity and talent: It also helps reinforce that your company culture does not make enough room for supporting mental health at work.

So what can we do?

I knew I had to talk to today’s guest, Jamy Conrad, Head of People Ops at TrustRadius, about her experience completing the Mental Health First Aid Certification program.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What a Mental Health First Aid Certification is and how it can support you at work.

  • Who should prioritize getting certified within your organization first.

  • About the ALGEE framework and how it can help you assess for risk of suicide or harm.

  • How to locate free MHFA certification opportunities near you.

  • The free resource you can create quickly and easily that will provide your managers with immediate support, even before being certified.

  • Ways to take the fear and stigma out of discussing mental health at work.

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Jamy Conrad from TrustRadius stands by a tree in a blue blazer with leaves all around. Thanks to Jamy for joining us on the Want to Work There podcast to discuss the Mental Health First Aid certification training.
Jamy Conrad, TrustRadius

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