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What One Forward-Thinking Tech Company Is Doing To Engage and Retain Employees

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

While I love sharing my thoughts with you here, I'm so excited about the opportunity to share some of my insights with the community over at Fresh Brewed Tech, an online publication that features amazing founders, technologists, and companies in San Diego.

Each month I dig into the culture of a local San Diego company, getting to the bottom of their employee experience and how they're building intentional company culture. Today my second feature launched - a peek into life at SaaS company MyCase!

Jill Felska's feature for Fresh Brewed Tech on what its like to work at MyCase by Appfolio

I was inspired to feature the team at MyCase after being introduced to Yevgeniya (Yevy) Kopeleva, the company's Engineering Experience Lead, by my good friend and former co-worker Nate Delage.

Nate recently moved from Chicago to San Diego and joined the engineering team at MyCase. It only took a few months on the job for him to reach out and gush about how much he loved working there and how I had to meet his co-worker Yevy.

Of course, you know my answer to that - a resounding YES!

Just a few weeks later, I showed up at MyCase's office and was greeted by a smiling, energetic Yevy. Nate was right - she's great! And has an amazing position focused on helping ensure the employee experience for engineers at the company is phenomenal.

As Yevy took me through the office tour, I was amazed at the company's understanding of the difference between perks and culture. While there are perks a plenty (does your company have a yoga instructor?) they also create yearly values that help the team align around the vibe they want to create.

As I mention in my Fresh Brewed Tech article, I could feel the warmth and acceptance of the team from the second I walked into the office. About halfway through the tour, I learned this focus on inclusivity is actually one of the team's values. Talk about walking the talk.

Trust me when I say, the tour was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to learning about MyCase's unique culture. With Yevy's help, I got the chance to interview five team members and one of the original co-founders (they were acquired by Appfolio a few years back), so I could understand how they experience the company culture every day. You can find all their answers in the full article about their unique company culture, here - and trust me, they're worth the click!

I can't wait to share more behind the scene peeks with you and the Fresh Brewed Tech community over the next few months. In the meantime, I'd love to share three of the questions I ask of every employee and founder I interview for the series.

1. Why did you first decide to join (or found) the organization? 2. What do you love about working there now? What keeps you at the organization? 3. How would you describe the leadership style at the company?

How would you answer these questions? How about your team members? If you don't know, now is a great time to start asking. Just be sure that when you do, your team has the context behind why you're asking and feels safe giving honest, genuine answers.

Can't wait to hear about what you learn!

To happier employees,



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