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Hi, I'm Jill!

I’ve been called a “workplace therapist” more times than I can count. Since I’m not accredited for that, you can consider me your strategic advisor and coach.

As a former Director of People and Culture, I know that supporting employees is incredibly rewarding - but can also be overwhelming, emotionally taxing, and lonely.


By nature, we’re huge-hearted, giving people who often forget to fill our own cups. And it’s not sustainable. 

I’m here to support you, so you can support your team.

Jill Felska offers consulting, strategic advising, facilitation and more in the world of HR and people ops. Improve your company culture with a trusted advocate in a beautiful blue and green paisley dress.

Does this sound like what you need?

As a people-focused leader, you likely go above and beyond to support your employees. 

But who's supporting YOU?

Sure, you may manage a team who supports the work you’re doing at a tactical level - but who can you turn to besides your boss when you need guidance on a sensitive topic, are struggling to make a decision, or just feel like you can’t possibly tackle one more thing?

My guess is no one. 

How do I know this? Because I’ve been in your shoes. 

I WISH I'd had a strategic advisor to serve as a confidant, sounding board, and cheerleader.


Someone who focused on my needs, while I focused on the needs of the organization. A reliable, unbiased advocate I could turn to for advice, guidance and support.

Not only would it have made me a better leader, it would have helped me feel less isolated and overwhelmed in what was a very emotionally taxing role. 

I’m proud to now provide that exact support to passionate, hard working People Ops and HR leaders.

How does it work?

Twice a month, we meet for 90-minutes and work through your most pressing issues.


With my current clients that looks like:


  • Brainstorming solutions to a pressing challenge, so you can stop going in circles.

  • Providing best practices, guidance, and resources, so you don’t have to start from scratch or resort to doing things “the way they’ve always been done.”

  • Holding space while you process big feelings and emotions, so you are able to plan and take next steps from a clear, rational place.

  • Focusing on your longer term projects and high-level goals, so that daily fires stop getting in the way of your progress.

  • Mapping out a business case for your CEO, so you can launch the programs and secure the resources you need to really make an impact.


You block the time to focus on yourself and your needs. My role is to make sure you always leave the call feeling heard, supported and confident in taking the next right step.

Ready to get started?

Not what you’re looking for at the moment? That’s OK! 


I also have a lot of free resources, including a bi-weekly podcast you can find here and a newsletter you can sign up for here


In the meantime, I want you to know...


I see you.

I believe in you.

And keep going.

The work you’re doing really matters.

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