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The 80 Degree Company Perk That Can't Be Beat

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

There are some company perks that have become standard at most companies, but I'm all about getting creative and finding new ones!

A few days ago, Facebook kindly reminded me of a post from five years back, when I was still living in Chicago.

A screenshot of Jill Felska on Instagram promising, "The next company I own is going to have an 80-degree mandate. The first day of each new year to hit that temp will be a day off for everyone to get outside and enjoy the weather."

If you've ever experienced that first REALLY sunny, summery day after a long winter, you know why this is such a big deal! There's a contagious energy across the city that is undeniable. It's like you've had a collective victory against the cold!

No one should be forced to go sit in an office on this day. Or at least not anyone without a ridiculously time-sensitive matter to take care of. I promise you, they are not going to be super productive while the sun is shining so brightly outside for the first time in months. Instead, they're going to be daydreaming about the beach, planning BBQs, and online shopping for swimsuits.

Your vacation policy already encourages rest and recharging. This is a moment where you can walk the walk as a company.

So why not give them the day off?

Think about how appreciative your team will be while loading up their car to head to the beach instead of to their desk. How energized they'll feel after spending a day relaxing in the sunshine. Not to mention how badly their friends will want to work for you after they realize how well you treat your employees. Talk about a want to work there moment!

Yes, you'll lose a day's worth of productivity. And yes, some meetings will get shuffled around. But at the end of the day, you'll have a more dedicated and motivated team to tackle stuff when they get back. In my opinion, it's well worth the tradeoff.

Plus, you get to "soft test" summer Fridays as a concept – gather your HR crew afterward and ask, how did it go? Could this be a viable way to give a major perk while keeping productivity the same, or even increasing it?

This rule has officially been instated for my company and I would love for more companies to do the same! Let me know if you'll be joining us in the comments. Maybe we'll have to coordinate a big old BBQ to celebrate the sunshine together!



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