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December 4th, 2018

Talent Magnetism: Understanding and Leveraging Your Employer Brand

Top talent no longer job seeks, they job shop. This two-hour workshop that will help you understand the foundational aspects of a strong employer brand and how you can start incorporating them into your company’s hiring strategies.


November 23rd, 2018

Foundational HR:

Designing A Solid Hiring Strategy That Works

More than ever, talent plays a crucial part in the success or failure of your business. Top candidates can propel your vision, while a bad hire can be detrimental. This half day workshop will take you through the fundamentals of hiring and assist you in designing a solid hiring strategy that fits your specific business needs. 

Group of Multiethnic Designers Brainstor


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We host custom workshops and trainings on a variety of topics, including: company culture, employee engagement, hiring, retention, employer branding, and more.


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