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The Simple, But Extremely Effective Method I Use To Collect Inclusive Qualitative Data From Employee

Group think, introversion, and a lack of psychological safety all impede our ability to hear the real thoughts and options of team members during a brainstorm, feedback, or focus group session. While the severity of these issues always vary by group, they inevitably impact great data from surfacing in nearly every discussion.

In an effort to ensure all voices were being equally represented, I got creative when building out an internal focus group process a few years back - and the results blew me away. Ever since, I’ve used that same method for all of my client engagements and it’s never let me down. In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know to build the method into your own internal processes, so you can experience similar results.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The simple hack I always use when leading brainstorming, feedback, or focus group sessions that allows me to capture insights from ALL team members.

  • Why this method is PERFECT for remote or hybrid teams, but can also be utilized during in-person group conversations.

  • How to avoid the mistakes I made the first time around when using this method.

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